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Ball bearings

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    Deep groove ball bearings are simple in structure and easy to use. They are the type of bearings with the largest production volume and the widest application range. They are mainly used to bear radial loads. When the radial clearance of the bearing increases, it has the performance of an angular contact ball bearing and does not bear increased axial load. This type of bearing has small friction coefficient, low vibration and noise, and high limit speed. Not resistant to impact, not suitable for heavy loads.

    Deep groove ball bearings generally use steel stamping wave-shaped cages, and engineering plastics and copper solid cages can also be used. The inside of the sealed bearing can be filled with corresponding bearing-specific grease according to different operating environments.

    DOBTOP can mass produce ordinary deep groove ball bearings with outer diameter less than 260mm. It is used in the gearboxes, engines, water pumps and other parts of various automobiles, and is suitable for use in various other machinery. According to the requirements of users, deep groove ball bearings with advanced precision (P6, P5, P4), various clearance groups, special vibration and noise requirements (Z1, Z2 or V1, V2) can be manufactured.