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Cylindrical Roller Bearings

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    Cylindrical roller bearings are generally only used to bear radial loads, and the rollers and ring raceways are in linear contact, which is an axially separable bearing. Compared with deep groove ball bearings with the same external dimensions, cylindrical roller bearings have a larger radial load capacity. This kind of bearing is easy to install and disassemble, has good impact resistance and good rigidity, and generally has a limited amount of displacement in the axial direction, and cannot bear axial load alone.

    Cylindrical roller bearings have N, NU, NJ, NUP, RNU, RN and other structural types.

    DOBTOP’s cylindrical roller bearings all adopt the optimized design structure. The inner cage of the bearing has steel plate stamping type, copper solid, engineering plastic and no cage filled with rollers. It adopts convex roller, filled The roller structure can effectively improve the radial load capacity of cylindrical roller bearings.

    DOBTOP cylindrical roller bearing products are widely used in gearboxes of various automobiles and tractors, axle differential guide supports, shaft supports of water pumps, and other machinery. They are used for shafts and installations with good rigidity and axial displacement. Dismantling of machine components requiring axially separable bearings.