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Wheel Hub Bearings

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    Hub bearings are special bearings used on automobile wheels, which bear the weight of the vehicle and the acceleration force, deceleration force, turning lateral force and vibration and impact caused by road conditions. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of braking, anti-lock braking system (ABS) is becoming more and more popular. Therefore, the market demand for sensor-built-in hub bearing units is also increasing. Hub bearings can be divided into one, two, and three generations according to their development.

    Compared with the traditional two sets of single-row bearings, the first-generation hub bearing integrates the two sets of bearings into one, which is simple and reliable to apply preload, easy to install, and does not require gaskets and mid-way grease replenishment. Compact structure, built-in high-performance sealing ring, saving installation space and time.

    Compared with the first-generation hub bearing, the second-generation hub bearing does not need to be pressed into the steering knuckle, which is more convenient to install, and the application of preload is simpler and more reliable. If the outer ring rotates, the sensor rotor can also be installed, and the product is lightweight and integrated.

    Compared with the second-generation wheel bearings, the third-generation wheel bearings have been selected by the bearing manufacturer before leaving the factory and the best preload has been done. The installation is simpler, high rigidity, easy to install anti-lock braking system (ABS) sensors, and more Lightweight and integrated.